• Agricultural Engineering Precision Innovation Centre

Cranfield Hub

In partnership with Cranfield University and CHAP, our facilities at Cranfield will benefit Agri-food businesses, food businesses (including storage specialists, packers, food retailers, and FMCG businesses), agrochemical companies, genetics and seed companies, agronomists, and research providers.

Facilities at the Cranfield Hub include:

  • Glasshouse-based sensor platform for use in pilot scale growth trials and phenotyping, as well as novel sensor development to investigate and quantify the impact of different factors on plant physiology and biochemistry
  • Vehicle and mobile sensor equipment for field installations – a range of spectrometer technologies to measure and understand critical soil characteristics
  • Instrumented farms for data collection under commercial operational conditions
  • Post-harvest storage facilities to explore/understand/investigate the impacts of different atmospheres on fresh produce quality
  • Agri-informatics data hub and meeting rooms
  • Access to Digital Globe satellite data and UAV platforms for potential mapping and landscape assessment

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