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Enabling agri-tech innovation

As agriculture faces its greatest ever demands, data-driven technology is crucial to sustainable and profitable food production. As the leading agri-tech enabler, Agri-EPI Centre supports all kinds of businesses to help maximise their innovative ideas.

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A diverse agri-tech landscape

Whatever your place in the diverse agri-tech landscape, we have the expertise, facilities and networks to help you reach your business goals – and support food resilience in a changing world

  • Farmers

  • Technology developers

  • Manufacturers

  • Food processors

  • Machinery specialists

  • Engineers

  • Robotic specialists

  • Land managers & consultants

  • Investors

Committed to helping you accelerate your business

We offer a wide range of support, from supplying project and grant management ​services, technology business incubators and technical expertise to helping you develop new international links, as well as establish key industry partnerships and relationships. 

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What others say about Agri-EPI and agri-tech

“An annual yield of 10,000kg was the dream. Now we’re over 12,000kg and are looking at 13,000. Before making the transition to the robots, we were initially a bit sceptical about the reliability of the technology but the result for us has been that precision management, combined with traditional good stockmanship, has enabled us to increase our yield by 20%.”

“We got to use technology to help us be smarter and reduce cost. Embracing agri-tech is incredibly important, because we cannot lose on productivity.”

“The sector has been, and will continue to be, paramount to the global economy. By protecting our ecosystems from potentially harmful co-products, we are sustaining not just the agriculture industry, but also the evolution of a circular economy.”

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