COO, Kirk

Agri-EPI Centre welcomes new COO

Kirk Siderman-Wolter has joined the growing Agri-EPI team as its new COO, working to support CEO Dave Ross and taking responsibility for the operational, financial and support functions of the organisation. 

Bridging the gap on climate change

Japan is embracing climate-smart technologies and practices for sustainable agriculture; and Agri-EPI is now helping to advance this for global benefits. 
Agri-EPI Centre in China Nov 19 - visit China Academy of Agricultural Sciences dairy facility

Chinese trip opens new opportunities

Dave Ross and Lisa Williams of Agri-EPI visited Beijing and Chengdu province to explore the opportunities for developing the SmartFarm test facility and to engage with international scientists at the Global Forum of Leaders for Agricultural Science and Technology (GLAST). 
Future Farm Expo 2019

Agriculture, technology and the future of farming

It's fallen on the agriculture sector to develop new ways of meeting the increasing demand for food, without compromising on the health of livestock and crops and, essentially, the quality of the food produced. But the key question here is, How do we do this?
DRAGON event

Boosting the uptake of Precision Agriculture in Serbia

The limited adoption of precision agriculture is causing a lag in productivity in the sector - something which Agri-EPI is trying to alter through its involvement with the DRAGON project in Serbia.