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UAV management of Ash Dieback workshop


Join us for a workshop that marks the exciting initial stage of our project aimed at tackling the devastating impact of Ash Dieback Disease. Our goal is to create a solution that perfectly meets the needs of woodland owners, while providing them with an affordable tool for identifying and tackling disease infestations. During the workshop, […]

Midlands Agri-Tech Coffee Hour (MATCH)

Agri-EPI Centre Midlands Agri-Tech Innovation Hub Poultry Drive, Edgmond, Newport, Shropshire

Agri-EPI invites you to attend our networking coffee hour including breakfast at the Midlands Agri-Tech Hub on the 14th of June. Use this opportunity to chat and get to know each other, fostering new connections and opportunities for collaboration within Agri-Tech. Joining us will be Industrial camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems- They are offering […]

MATCH, on tour

The Roslin Institute Easter Bush, Midlothian, Midlothian

Agri-EPI in collaboration with The University of Edinburgh invites you to attend our networking breakfast on the 6th September. The University of Edinburgh's Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies incorporates the Roslin Institute and the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems, among other entities. Research at the Easter Bush Campus offers a gateway to […]