• Agricultural Engineering Precision Innovation Centre

Midlands Agri-Tech Innovation Hub

Supporting innovation in agriculture   

Set in Shropshire, home to British agricultural engineering, the Midlands Agri-Tech Innovation Hub is a state-of-the-art premise with modern facilities and amenities. 

Boosting productivity in the farming industry  

Agri-EPI Centre’s Midlands Agri-Tech Innovation Hub acts as a test bed for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs looking to develop and build new technologies.  

It is one of four of Agri-EPI Centre’s ground-breaking facilities and supports the Centre’s mission to help support innovative ideas which will help farmers and business owners become more profitable and sustainable. 

Inspirational setting 

The Midlands Agri-Tech Innovation Hub has been designed to inspire the development of engineering and precision solutions for the agricultural and food sectors.  

Rentable spaces and equipment   

There are several workshop, conference and meeting spaces available at the Hub for rent, as well as light filled lower and upper atriums, perfect for exhibitions and networking events.  

A mix of double height bays with overhead cranes, prototype equipment and basic fabrication are also available for rent and are welcomed tools for those looking to disrupt the agricultural and food sector with new innovative ideas.  

Food for thought  

The Hub is serviced by a Costa Café on site.  

Next generation dairy technology 

On Harper Adams campus lies the Hub’s dairy farm unit. The farm enables scientists, agri-engineering companies and industry to work together to develop game changing and leading technologies.  

A 50-cow robotic facility sits on the farm and was designed specifically for trial work. The facility is a great resource that complements the 300-herd commercial dairy run by the University.  

A complete autonomous farm 

Agri-EPI Centre are proud to support the revolutionary, Innovate UK funded, Hands Free Farm project, led by Precision Decisions and Harper Adams University.  

The project’s original concept was to grow, tend and harvest a crop without operators in the driving seats or agronomists on the ground. After two successful cropping cycles, the team has now expanded the crop to three different combinable crops across 35 hectares. 

To find out more about the Midlands Agri-Tech Innovation Hub please get in touch.