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ISCF Transforming Food Production

What is ISCF?

The ISCF Transforming Food Production programme has been set up to drive the UK’s agriculture and food production towards achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040, in line with the NFU’s target for the sector.

Funding opportunities:

Future Food Production Systems

> Open date: 17 September 2019

> Closing date: 22 January 2020

What is available?

£20 million

What projects will be considered?

  • Large scale, high impact projects that are truly transformative in nature, and that rethink the production system
  • Novel, scalable and high value production systems
  • Data-driven solutions that drive productivity, whilst also achieving net zero carbon emissions
  • Aquaculture, indoor/ controlled environment farming systems and novel food sources
  • Radically transformative proposals that target more traditional agriculture sectors
  • Projects worth £1 million – £10 million

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Science and Technology into Practice

Dates to be confirmed.

What is available?

£30 million

What projects will be considered?

  • Strengthen links between research and industry
  • Demonstrate near-market technologies at scale in a commercial environment
  • Integrate technologies into systems
  • Show both technical feasibility and economic viability
  • Contribute towards driving productivity and low emissions

Bilateral funding opportunities: joint funding call for the UK and China

> Open date: 14 October 2019

> Closing date: 23 January 2020

What is available?

£500,000 per project

What projects will be considered?

  • Drive productivity while also driving low emissions production including:
        • Remote sensing for decision making
        • Smart pasture production
        • Precision technologies for indoor or controlled environment agriculture
        • Systems exploiting big data
        • Robotic systems

Please note: UK-based activity must target UK agriculture, as well as export opportunities

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