Precision Soil Mapping

The challenge

The benefits of precision farming, dividing land into management zones according to soil characteristics, has been proven to yield better results when compared to conventional farming. The perceived high entry cost into precision farming has long been a barrier to entry for some smaller arable farmers.

The response

This large-scale collaborative project aims to integrate satellite data with the UK’s most comprehensive soil datasets from Cranfield Uni and JHI to produce a ‘precision soil map’. The resultant map would present an economically viable alternative to the current labour-intensive methodology of soil surveying and represents a very exciting opportunity for arable and vegetable farming to embrace precision farming. This will allow Growers will be able to increase yields with lower input costs and reduced environmental impact. Agri-EPI Centre were responsible for the marketing and dissemination of the outcomes of the project. As part of this, Agri-EPI Centre held a number of workshops over the country in conjunction with LEAF and Innovative Farmers to gain feedback on the development of the precision soil map and identify areas of future development in the wider precision farming industry. These events were held at Agri-EPI Satellite Farms across the country each with a specific focus such as conventional arable, mixed farming and organic farming.


Increased uptake of precision farming by small/medium sized arable farmers

Project type

Late stage experimental development


Innovate UK

Project duration

September 2016 – August 2018 (completed)

More information

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Precision soil mapping

List of partners

Cranfield University
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