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  • Rural Connectivity

    Wireless and mobile connectivity with 5G RuralFirst. A co-innovation project to create rural test-beds and trials for 5G wireless and mobile connectivity across the Orkney Islands, Shropshire, and Somerset.

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    Agri-EPI Connectivity 5G RuralFirst South West Dairy Development Centre
  • Pig Tail Biting Detection

    Discover TailTech — a radical high-tech solution devised by Scottish scientists to detect the warning signs of pig tail biting.

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    Detect pig tail biting - TailTech
  • Precision Livestock Farming

    Discover OPTI-BEEF — precision agriculture to monitor productivity and product quality in the beef industry.

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    Agri-EPI Livestock Beef Precision Solutions
  • Satellite Imagery

    Discover GRID – Improving the lending potential of credit providers to small holder farmers in southern Africa through satellite imaging.

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    Agri-EPI agricultural projects GroWise & GRID Unleashing satellite technology to improve credit lending to Southern African smallholdings
  • Full autonomous farming

    Creating the world’s first automated farm, operated without a driver in the seat or agronomists on the ground.

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    Hands Free Farm

Industry impact

Supporting the agri-tech sector, emerging novel technology and methodologies, through our network of farms and broad multi-sector membership, we support and help deliver great results in engineering precision innovation.

Our role is to actively consult and collaborate with farmers, scientists and academics; government departments and agronomists; researchers, retailers, food service providers and pharmaceutical specialists on novel agri-tech. We also promote the game changing industry impact and results of these projects in the UK and abroad.

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Working together on impact

If you are interested in a research and development project, or any aspect of our Agri-EPI collaborations, project results and industry impact, we’ll be delighted to talk to you.

GroWise & GRID

The positive impact of minimising risk and increasing security and funding for smallholders

Piloted in Africa, funded by the European Space Agency and launched, over 140,000 hectares, through access to information about predicted crop yield, incoming weather patterns and land conditions, this project sought to offer both grower and funders an increased ability to manage risk. The project had two aims:

  • Increase access to key funding for smallholders
  • Give banks and credit providers the confidence to lend money against land

The project successfully partnered with Standard Bank, Africa’s largest bank, that is now confidently using the precision agriculture technology, satellite imagery and aggregate access to the GRID platform to lend financial support to smallholder farmers. The project’s further impact also created up to 1000 jobs shared between the UK and Africa. Read more about GroWise & GRID.

Agri-EPI agricultural projects | GroWise & GRID | Unleashing satellite technology to improve credit lending to Southern African smallholdings

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Updates from the forefront of UK agriculture

Farm Security with NextGenAgri

Securing UK farms: Tackling rural crime with NextGenAgri

Agri-EPI Centre network member NextGenAgri and partners at O.R.P. CCTV and R-Com IoT have teamed up to develop an innovative new solution to help combat what is an irrefutable blight on the agricultural industry.
Farm Safety Week

Agri-EPI Centre marks Farm Safety Week 2021

To mark this year’s Farm Safety Week, Agri-EPI Centre is highlighting a range of our network members whose innovations in agri-tech improve the safety of farm work and staff.

Hands Free Farm: the world’s first automated farm

Without a driver in the seat or on the ground, Agri-EPI joined Precision Decision, Harper Adams University and FarmScan AG to create the world’s first fully automated farm.

Ranged over 35 acres, the Hands Free Farm involves a fleet of small autonomous vehicles operated from the farm office. Once a commercial reality, along with greater accuracy of land coverage and improved yields, reduced field time will significantly improve mental health by providing a healthier work-life balance for farmers. Introducing a whole new technological approach and providing a more attractive career choice for a new generation of farmers. Learn more about Hands Free Farm.

Hands Free Farm