Farmeye is an award-winning Ireland and UK-based Ag Tech company, providing technology products that verify and measure natural assets on farms and in nature. Their purpose is to improve the lives of farmers and the environment. Farmeye’s software platform digitises the soil health process using GIS mapping, gps soil sampling, lab integration and automated nutrient reports.

They also verify & validate soil carbon stocks for farmers and the agri-food sector. In Ireland, Frmeye are the main technology system managing the National soils programme for the Irish Government. They work with farmers, farmers groups, agri-corporates, laboratories and governments.


Farmer Charlie

Farmer Charlie is a smart localised hub which provides an app, connecting to third party apps, sensors in the field and weather sensors and connectivity in the field where necessary, on a plug and play model. We can integrate third party sensors and drones. Our solution is low cost.

It is installed in Sicily in farms to regulate water and energy use. We also have a turnkey solution for emerging countries.


DroneAg uses drones, automation and simple AI technology to make farming more productive and efficient. Bringing together the expertise of farmers, agronomists, drone pilots and software engineers under one banner, Drone Ag draws on the team’s own experience of running a 6,000-acre farm to provide innovative and practical solutions for farmers today, from field mapping and crop spraying to software and drone training courses.

Dark Horse Technologies

Dark Horse Technologies are an Agri-Tech start up who have developed proprietary remote-sensing wheat yield predictors and disease diagnosis engines.

Createc Robotics

Createc Robotics is a robotics software company whose mission is to enable the use of robotics in industries where they are seen as the future but where using them in practice is challenging and expensive today. We have been designing Iris to enable the commercialisation of robotics technologies by packaging them up as interoperable robotics modules that can be combined as Apps for non-expert industrial users to deploy, operate, manage and reconfigure all their robotics systems from standard user-friendly graphical user interfaces. Iris was initially developed in a £1.5m UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority funded project to foster highly innovative robotics integration technology for nuclear decommissioning. We are now seeking collaborators to explore its use in enabling robotics in agriculture.

Climate Edge

Climate Edge has developed a series of digital tools to support organisations deliver effective and integrated services to smallholder farmers in developing countries. Adopting a digital strategy is difficult in these markets, which is why Climate Edge is here to help. We make it easy to adopt tools such as SMS, IVR and WhatsApp in your day-to-day communication with smallholders.


CKX has a product that uses Satellite data and an AI model to keep an ever watchful eye crop health. It alerts farmers to potential problems and can diagnose many diseases from a single smart phone picture.


Chordata was founded in 2018 to bring together specialists in biosensor and tracking technology; data science, connectivity and machine learning; needs analysis, user experience design and impact evaluation to develop transformational solutions to improve animal health and wellbeing.

We work with veterinary scientists, farmers, producers, pharma, policy-makers and animal feed manufacturers to co-develop effective technology.

Chordata Precision Livestock Farming is a transformational system to provide new information and insights into the metabolic health status of dairy cows – to increase wellbeing, reduce anti-microbial resistance (AMR) and support sustainability goals. Our system combines a biosensor capable of detecting blood-based and ambient biomarkers; a wearable for movement, activity and behaviour, a cloud analytics platform to create insights and simple to use applications for farm managers and vets. The system can integrate with farm management systems and ingest data from other wearable technologies already deployed. Chordata PLF is currently in development and will be ready for market in 2021.

Antler Bio

Antler Bio is a disruptive biotechnology company that uniquely combines genetics and epigenetics testing with modern big-data analysis that provides actionable, data-driven insights for improving the well-being, productivity and performance of livestock.

After successfully developing a novel technology pipeline and finding new biomarkers in horses linked to performance and fertility, Antler Bio is scaling to different species, with the first expansion target being the dairy industry.

Agspace Agriculture

Over the past ten years we’ve helped agri-businesses benefit from big data, online precision farming and bespoke digital agronomy products, so they can seamlessly connect their business with thousands of farms and use technology to help farmers grow more. Our products are Contour and GRID: Contour is our farmer facing interface. It provides real time, secure advice from agronomic experts to farmers, along with the satellite imagery and data they need for better decision making. GRID is our financial partner facing interface. It lets farmers and financial partners grow together by establishing trust at a distance. Connecting innovator and investor, lender and borrower in ways that previously have not been possible.