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Now more than ever, agri-tech companies are innovating to provide technical solutions to the problem of feeding the world’s growing population.  To protect your investment in those innovations, and to maximise the return on that investment, it is essential to factor intellectual property (IP) into your business plan.  In particular, you would be well-advised to ensure that you identify and protect your IP, and also to ensure that you do not encounter conflicts with third-party IP. 

We have partnered with Gill Jennings & Every LLP (GJE), one of the UK’s top IP firms, who are pleased to be able to offer their services to our network.  Whatever your technical innovation, brand name or design, GJE has an expert with the necessary qualification and experience to advise you.

Protecting the intellectual property of agri-tech innovators

Launching a new business? Seeking investment? We can help you.

GJE provides a comprehensive patents, trade marks and designs service to ensure your innovation stays secure.  We are known for our problem-solving and commercially-minded approach, together with our ability to give clear business advice in the face of complex European legal issues.  Our clients range from spin out/early stage companies, SMEs, UK and other European corporates through to major multi-national organisations.

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Protecting your technical innovation is essential if you are to prevent others from taking advantage of your R&D investment.  Seeking patent protection for your innovations can significantly increase the value of your business, and often proves to be key to securing investment, and having a patent can be a useful marketing device that keeps competitors at arm’s length. 

Not least, a patent can be used to apply a reduced 10% rate of corporation tax on related profits via the HMRC Patent Box Scheme.  We combine our legal expertise with an ability to understand your business plan, the competitive landscape you operate in and your specific technologies in order to draft and advise on commercially valuable patents.

Agri-Tech Trademarks

Trade marks

A strong brand identity is what sets you apart from the competition and the right brand strategy can often be the deciding factor in the commercial success of your business – not least when it comes to an exit strategy.  However, in order to maximise the value in your brand, you need to think strategically, making sure your IP and wider business aims are fully aligned.  We can help protect your business with a tailor-made strategy which reflects and supports your commercial aims.


In many industries, a product’s appearance is just as important as how it functions – and sometimes even more so.  Not only can the appearance of a product cause a consumer to select that product over those of competitors, but it can become a defining part of a brand’s identity.  As a result, companies now spend a huge amount of money in creating the right look for their product.  Designs are IP rights that exist to protect that investment; we help you to find the most appropriate routes to obtain the design protection you need.

Agri-Tech Designs
Freedom to Operate GJE

Freedom to Operate (FTO)

When planning to launch a new product or brand, a risk exists that a competitor may hold existing IP rights that you infringe.  To minimise your potential liability, it is usually prudent to consider the risk from existing IP rights before launch.  We can help you understand and mitigate the risks that may exist for your product or brand and help avoid legal problems later down the line.

Talk to specialists like Graham Spenceley, Partner, GJE

Graham Spenceley GJR

Graham is a Chartered and European Patent Attorney, with a background in engineering and the technical expertise to handle a broad range of technologies.

An expert in IP, Graham works with innovative companies across the UK and overseas, helping them to identify and secure appropriate protection for their products, processes and innovations in technical fields including:

  • agri-tech
  • automotive
  • aeronautical
  • construction
  • electro-mechanical
  • oil and gas engineering

In addition to patents, Graham also has substantial experience in advising on freedom to operate (FTO) matters, providing infringement and validity opinions, securing design registration and advising on trade secrets.


As a complement to its usual IP legal services, GJE offers ConsultIP, a portfolio of unique consultancy services that will help you – whether you are a company or investor and wherever you are in your business lifecycle – answer fundamental questions about the IP you have and how best to use that IP strategically.  Businesses benefit from a strengthened business strategy, with IP focused on maximising your company’s market value making it an attractive investor proposition.


CaptureIP comprises two distinct fixed-price services for start-ups: Innovation Capture Session and BrandLaunch. 

  • Invention Capture Sessions identify innovation in your business. They provide practical guidance on how best to protect your products to fulfil your commercial objectives. Providing and refining your IP strategy, Innovation Capture Sessions are ideal for start-ups, SMEs and established companies breaking into new markets. 
  • BrandLaunch provides a unique analysis and assessment tool for businesses launching a new brand, unveiling a new product, or entering a new market. It examines where you are in terms of your business and IP, and where you want to be, drawing upon our extensive expertise in brand strategy.  It delivers a clear roadmap setting out milestones on your journey to protecting your new brand or product.

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AuditIP examines your existing IP through our IP Audit, Due Diligence Audit and BrandCheck.


  • IP Audit enables established businesses to understand their IP portfolio, ensuring it supports their business plan to achieve commercial success.
  • Due Diligence Audit assesses the IP owned by a company to ensure it covers their innovation, and evaluates the execution of its business plan, to minimise IP-risk and maximise return on investment.
  • BrandCheck is an essential tool for mature start-ups and SMEs seeking investment, building business overseas, or looking for an exit. Ideally suited for businesses with a few main brands, and registered trade marks, BrandCheck’s strength is in providing and refining an IP strategy.

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Patent Risk Evaluation and EvaluateIP

EvaluateIP is aimed at established businesses seeking investment or expanding into new markets through our Patent Risk Evaluation service.


Patent Risk Evaluation is designed to simplify and provide cost-clarity to your Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) process.  We assess what is commercially important to your business, such as geographic markets, your appetite for risk, and sector-specific issues before recommending an FTO strategy. This ensures a focused and cost-effective FTO search that delivers a commercially-relevant result to you.

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In partnership with Gill Jennings & Every LLP

‘Committed to doing business the right way, with integrity, expertise and intelligence, GJE is recognised among the UK’s top 20 law firms to work for and has recently been top-ranked on the Financial Times’ “Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms 2022” leader board.