Connecting agri-tech businesses with financial opportunities
Leyton and Agri-EPI Centre supporting agri-tech companies to source financial incentivesLeyton and Agri-EPI Centre supporting agri-tech companies to source financial incentives

Agri-EPI Centre and Leyton

Connecting agri-tech innovators with financial incentives, grants and tax credits.

Supporting innovation and future growth

We are working with Leyton, the UK’s leading specialist innovation funding consultancy, who are delighted to offer their expertise in government tax incentives to our network.

Thousands of innovative businesses in the agricultural sector are claiming financial incentives each year on their R&D projects. Leyton’s team of in-house consultants have over a decade of experience working with food producers, processors and retailers across the UK to help them benefit from valuable schemes including R&D Tax Credits & Grants.

You can find out more about the incentives available to agri-tech businesses below, or contact Leyton directly using the contact form.

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Agri-EPI Centre’s partnership with Leyton helps agri-tech innovators take their solutions to market.

To find out more about Leyton’s work with agritech businesses, read the R&D Farming Overview

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Dr Matilda Hayward, R&D Technical Consultant, Leyton UK

Dr Matilda Hayward is a Technical Consultant at Leyton UK, part of a global innovation funding consultancy firm. Matilda holds a Masters and PhD in Chemistry and works with innovative businesses across the UK advising on Innovation Funding.

Matilda is an expert in assessing prospective clients’ claim potential under the R&D Tax  Relief Scheme and preparing thorough and substantiated technical documentation to support the eligibility of claims. She has used her technical expertise to help innovative Agriculture businesses benefit from various innovation incentives including R&D Tax Credits, Patent Box & Grants.

Claiming R&D Tax Credits

Claiming R&D tax credits for your agri-tech business is easy with Leyton and follows a simple four-step process:

  1. A comprehensive consultation process to discuss your eligibility, followed by a meeting either on-site, phone or video call.
  2. Detailed discovery process with our team of tax experts, uncovering all eligible R&D projects and associated costs.
  3. A technical and financial report that will be used to substantiate your R&D claim
  4. Delivery of the final R&D report and support in submitting your claim to HMRC.

Innovative businesses are able to claim back up to 33% of the costs which relate to their research and development activities, such as the advancement of new or existing products or processes.

Examples of qualifying activity include:

  • Feed, trials to increase livestock production quality and/or quantity
  • Novel methods to reduce mortality rates and improve the health of animals
  • Trialling new varieties to improve yield or disease resistance in arable farming
  • Innovative use of technology – drones, sensors, scanners, software etc
  • Staff and subcontractor costs which are related to R&D activities

Agri-Tech Business Grants

Applying for agri-tech business grants

Leyton offers an end-to-end grant writing consultancy, supporting clients by managing the entire process including writing, editing, reviewing, and submitting high-calibre applications.

Our Process

Grant Scope- Understanding your business and project goals, to identify suitable funding and maximise grant success

Due Diligence – Applying sector specific expertise to verify project scope fulfils application criteria

Grant Development – Project managing the grant writing to streamline the application and strengthen the bid

Final Delivery – Internal review of the final submission package to ensure compliance and your satisfaction

With Leyton

Founded in 2009, Leyton, is the UK’s largest specialist innovation funding consultancy. Their expert teams work in close partnership with thousands of businesses each year to maximise the financial benefit they receive from R&D Tax Credits, Grants, and other innovation funding schemes.

In the past year alone, they have helped our clients successfully claim more than £200m in tax relief to support their future growth.

Leyton UK is part of the international Leyton Group, which has over 2000 employees based across 34 offices in 12 countries.