Salinity Solutions Ltd is a new water treatment company commercialising a unique method of reverse osmosis desalination. The technology was developed over 10 years at Aston University & the University of Birmingham, and their proprietary technology has now been tested and proven in the field with mineral extraction.

Their product, SAM50, provides a wide range of solutions for environmental clean-up, water recycling, mineral extraction and Ultrapure Water (UPW). It is a compact and highly efficient system that achieves 95% recovery of water with and energy consumption less than 50% of competing systems and a smaller footprint. The SAM50 product is a containerised plug-and-play solution that can rapidly be deployed for new applications or to replace existing systems.

Salinity Solutions have recently completed field trials with Cornish Lithium and are pleased to announce that the results have been very encouraging. The unit was able to concentrate Cornish Lithium’s brine by over five times concentration.

They have now turned their attention to the agricultural sector and have identified a variety of acute issues including within the dairy sector and slurry management where they believe their system can make a huge difference operationally and commercially to current practices.

Salinity Solutions