Research in sheep production at Conon Brae Farms

Conon Brae Farms came on board as a satellite farm in 2017. The farmer, Ewan Macdonald, has a mixed enterprise of Sheep, cattle and Arable split between the Black Isle and Strathcarron. On the Black Isle, they are farming 2000 breeding Ewes of a number of different breeds. Agri-EPI are recording the performance data on the electronic ear tag (EID) system using the Te-Pari Racewell HD3 Management crate which speeds up the process of data collection.

Last week Conon Brae commenced recording baseline data on the EID tags of its breeding ewes and tups. In the spring, the lambs that are lambed indoors will be ear-tagged at birth and their parentage recorded using the electronic system. By linking the lambs to their parents we will be able to see if desirable/undesirable traits are carried down. In turn this data can be used to optimise the performance of the flock.

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