Paraguay Satellite Demonstration Farm
Moving away from analogue to digital collection of data

The challenge

The farmer owns 80,000 hectares of land and 40,000 cattle across 6 ranches. They currently weigh their animals 3x a year making it difficult to track animal health and progress. As a result, there is a long period to first pregnancy, the in-calf rate is very low (78%), there are pregnancy losses from scan to wean (12%) and finishing stock take 900 days to reach slaughter weight.

The response

The objective is to provide an initial monitoring test facility to validate best-of-breed British technologies that have potential to significantly improve agricultural output in Paraguay. Technologies demonstrated must be scalable and cost-effective in order to be widely adopted across Paraguay and wider Latin America.

The challenge lies in gather individual production measures on batches of livestock (remotely) and assess treatment interventions that may boost productive capacity, such as daily weight gain.


The POC (Proof of Concept) is too small to generate wider impact, but our first step is to move away from analogue to digital collection of data. By connecting the cows to the cloud, the farmer will be able to make informed decisions without having to visit the ranches.

Project type

Early stage feasibility study


Innovate UK

Project duration

1 January 2018 – 31 March 2019

More information

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