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Easter Bush Facilities Tour – seeding innovation and collaboration

Agri-EPI and the Roslin Institute invite you to an Easter Bush Facilities Tour on Tuesday the 17th October 2023.

This facilities tour will provide an opportunity to visit specialist campus facilities and network with experts to explore opportunities for collaborative innovation. Attendees will also have the opportunity to visit the Roslin Innovation Centre, which offers physical and virtual co-location for high growth innovative companies with a focus on Agritech, Animal Health and Aquaculture, enabling them to establish and grow.

Tours will include:

Aquaculture Genetics Research Facility – a freshwater aquarium facility designed for early-life stages of farmed fish species.

Agri-EPI’s Northern Agri-Tech Innovation Hub – a facility aimed at fostering new ideas and technologies from academia, start-ups, established companies and farmers. Agri-EPI’s dedicated team works to develop profitable, productive, and sustainable solutions for the agriculture industry, bridging the gap between early-stage commercialisation to implementation. They offer office, lab, and workshop spaces for start-ups and SMEs, providing them with necessary resources and helping them connect with like-minded individuals

Roslin Innovation Centre – a business gateway to innovation providing office, laboratory or virtual space for companies. The University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies incorporates the Roslin Institute, the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Systems, the Roslin Innovation Centre and other entities. World-class infrastructure at our Easter Bush Campus offers a gateway to expertise to collaborate and drive sustainable agriculture, control diseases and enhance health.

Bio-imaging & Flow Cytometry Facility – featuring a range of high-end microscopy, cell sorting and flow cytometry equipment and expertise, based in the Roslin Institute.

Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility – featuring ultra-sensitive mass spectroscopy instrumentation and expertise to characterise the proteome and metabolome in living systems, based in the Roslin Institute.

There will be complementary networking lunch and arrival drinks.