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Research and Innovation Priorities in UK Farming: Crops & Arable

Agri-EPI, Crop Health & Protection (CHAP) and Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL), invite you to attend a virtual workshop series on research and innovation priorities in UK farming. 

This workshop will be centred on arable farming and will last approximately 90 minutes.

The need for innovation in agriculture has never been more urgent. Our industry is grappling with rapid changes in policy and trade, heightened volatility, and climate and nature crises.

We want to hear your views and those from all major agricultural sectors, across a wide diversity of farming systems.

Research providers and funders need to understand the industry’s priorities on the ground. We want to know what research would be most useful to your business, now and in the long term.

As a group of farming and research organisations, we are teaming up to understand research and innovation priorities that you as farmers and growers are experiencing across the UK. This work builds on the Feeding the Future review ten years ago, which was updated in 2017. This had a substantial impact on government research funding in agriculture to date.

We are inviting you to join because of your knowledge and experience in the sector is invaluable to its’ future, and the direction of travel for research.

This is one of several workshops that we and other organisations such as the NFU, AHDB, LEAF are hosting so please attend the most convenient to yourself.

Project Insight Workshop: Robotics and AI models for Smart Agriculture

Join us at the “Project Insight” workshop, where we strive to revolutionize agriculture by addressing challenges in the soft fruit industry. Our primary focus includes tackling labour shortages, responding to climate change, and enhancing overall productivity. Through the development and deployment of innovative crop-scouting robots, we aim to bring positive change to the agricultural landscape.


Innovative Crop Scouting Robot: Discover Antobot’s ground-breaking crop scouting robot, leveraging advanced technologies like autonomous navigation and artificial intelligence. This creation aims to be not just cutting-edge but also accessible and affordable for widespread adoption.

Research and Testing: Witness ongoing research and testing of Scouting Robots in strawberry farms. Be part of the execution of field trials, assessing the performance of crop scouting robots.

Business Model Analysis: Gain insights into the development of relevant business models that maximize the advantages of utilizing crop scouting robots in agriculture. This phase evaluates their potential benefits, optimizing farm operations, increasing harvest yield, refining real-time crop management, enhancing the efficiency of labour and resource utilization, integrating supply chains, and aligning with the UK’s net-zero commitments while also addressing impact on yield estimation and reducing waste..

Knowledge Sharing: Explore insights, modelling discussions, and key learnings from our collaborative effort with project partners. Join us to delve into real-world applications, discuss modelling techniques, uncover interview insights, and explore future progress in optimizing scouting robot data for farm operations. Engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences, enriching your understanding of agricultural technology advancements.

Transformation of Grower’s Business: Explore the potential to transform a grower’s business by utilizing data collected through Scouting Robot. This transformation includes accurate yield estimation, real-time crop management, and enhanced efficiency in labour and resource utilization.


Overall “Project Insight” is a commitment to addressing pressing agricultural challenges and paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient agricultural sector. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an initiative that shapes the future of farming.

Joining us will be Prof. Niraj Kumar and Dr Lakshmi Swamy, University of Essex, Marc Jones, VP Commercial, Antobot Plc, Prof Yanqing Duan (University of Bedfordshire), and Dr Tahmina Ajmal (University of Bedfordshire) and Duncan Ross, Business Development Manager – Crops & Horticulture