New Agri-Tech Enabler campaign demonstrates innovations

Agri-EPI Centre AgriTech Enablers

As part of the ‘Agri-Tech Enabler’ campaign together with our wide partnership network, we will demonstrate the practical and commercial benefits of farm technology innovation, applied across all major commodities. We invite technology companies to bring forward new ideas that have the potential to directly, or indirectly, impact UK Farming and result in sustainable food production.

UK-China SmartFarm partnership takes next steps

International collaboration | UK China SmartFarm

Agri-EPI Centre and one of China’s largest food companies, the Tianjin Food Group, have today signed a collaboration agreement to develop a smart farming project utilising UK technology in China to boost early disease detection and productivity monitoring in pigs.

A3 Scotland 2020 rescheduled due to COVID-19

A3 Scotland 2022 | Transition to Net Zero | Animal Health, Agri-Tech, Aquaculture | Agri-EPI Centre

We are hugely disappointed to have to postpone the A3 conference. Depending on progress in easing lockdown restrictions, we now plan to hold the event on 21 and 22 April 2021.