The Agricultural Engineering Precision Innovation Centre (Agri-EPI Centre) is one of four Agri-Tech centres established by the UK government. Agri-EPI Centre focuses on the delivery of research, development, demonstration and training on precision agriculture and engineering for the livestock, arable, horticulture and aquaculture sectors.


By 2025, it’s anticipated that the agricultural technology sector will be worth more than £136 billion globally. This includes over £129 billion in the Autonomous Farm Equipment Market and over £7 billion in the Precision Farming Market. Agri-EPI Centre intends to help drive that growth from the UK, supporting innovative ideas which will help farmers and business owners become more profitable and sustainable.

We aim to join organisations in all sections of the supply chain and become a world-leading centre for excellence in engineering and precision agriculture for the livestock, arable, aquaculture and horticulture sectors. The Centre has three main objectives:

  • To operate a wide range of industry-led activities in applied research and development, demonstration, training and education.
  • Be a key player in ensuring that the UK grows its status as a world leader in precision agriculture and engineering.
  • Ensure that the knowledge generated is translated and transferred to relevant audiences.

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