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Agri-EPI Centre puts farmers at the centre of innovation.

The innovation farm network was developed by Agri-EPI from the desire to “close the gap” between research and the end-user, by creating a platform to host research projects and evaluate developing technology in a commercial farm environment, rather than in a simulated or research environment. Each farm has technology deployed to measure variance at every stage of production, understand inefficiencies within the system, and inform the agri-tech industry to direct their research to those areas. The goal is to ensure technology is developed to be robust and relevant to meet the challenges and requirements of the end users.


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Commercial Farm Network

Our commercial farm network is made up of real farmers, who provide a platform for near to commercial developers to validate technology through a range of data collection sources we have deployed on their farms to provide quality and resolution insights into farming operations. The focus of the network is to understand how technology fits in to an existing farming system. This provides insights into the next steps to commercialisation.

Smart Farms

Our Smart Farms are commercial farms that provide a platform for more in-depth testing and validation in a controlled environment. The Smart Farms provide opportunities for early-stage technology developers to carry out low level design and build test prototypes.

Farm Tech Circle

The Farm Tech Circle is our knowledge exchange network for farmers, growers and producers to discover and connect on topics that focus on enhancing the profitability and sustainability of agriculture. Through thought pieces, newsletters, on-farm events, and peer to peer networking opportunities, Farm Tech Circle members are a community who support each other in their technological growth and closes the loop between farmer challenges and innovations that can respond to them.

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