Exploring the efficiencies of sheep worming technology


Last week, Agri-EPI Centre (part of the Agri-Tech Centres) hosted an insightful special interest group on ‘The Efficiencies of Sheep Worming Technologies’ that was well attended by farmers, tech companies, vets, and industry bodies.

Chaired by Ross Robertson, Head of Agri-Tech (Mixed Farming), the SIG focused on the new technologies and services that are currently on the market which can help target worming measures on time and improve the efficiencies of on-farm health monitoring.

The speakers from across the sector including Dr Annie Williams (Business Development Manager at CIEL), Eurion Thomas (General Manger of Techion UK), and Tudor Roderick (Agri-EPI Centre’s Innovation farmer from Newton Farm, Brecon), gave informative presentations on their chosen topics and received a vast range of questions from the attendees.

One attendee commented “Thank you for a fantastic webinar today, excellent speakers and very thought provoking!”.

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