Agri-tech expertise yields results for robotics firm

An agri-tech company from Essex is helping farmers overcome labour shortages and practice precision agriculture, thanks to support from the Agri-EPI Centre. Antobot is developing two robots which will help farmers target valuable resources in the most productive areas, as well as taking some time-consuming tasks off skilled workers. The Agri-EPI Centre has supported Antobot […]

Mirico’s ORION®

The agricultural sector is a significant contributor of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, with the IPCC estimating that agriculture and land use are responsible for 21% of all greenhouse emissions, and with 52% of nitrous oxide emissions coming from the sector. To help understand exactly where and how these greenhouse gases are emitted during agricultural processes, […]

Robotriks RTU v4. Light Agricultural Robot

Key benefits: Sustainable • Fully electric • Lightweight for low damage Autonomous • Simple pre-planned autonomy with object detection • High-level autonomy with ROS compatibility Extendable • Open architecture for adding new sensors and end effectors Adjustable • Interchangeable truss frame for multiple scenarios Agri-EPI is excited to have invested in the Robotriks RTU v4. […]

Agri-EPI Centre welcomes Defra Automation in Horticulture review

Agri EPI-Centre has welcomed the publication of Defra’s review into automation in horticulture and supports its recommendation that the UK Government lead and fund a mission-led approach to accelerate development in the sector. The recommendations of the independent review, co-chaired by Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice, and Professor Simon […]