Trade in Space

Trade in Space develop satellite-activated smart contract solutions. Our tools enable satellites to become autonomous trade brokers and deal-makers; and from a legal stand-point, to act as trusted regulatory auditors. Combining these technologies enables us to create global in scale, peer-to-peer trading systems and new routes to market for Agri-Traders regardless of their size, and at all parts of the value chain. In November 2018, Trade in Space won the Blue Sky Thinking Fintech Award, supported by The Royal Bank of Scotland, The Times, Dell Technologies and FWB Park-Brown.


Every day, Planet’s images capture global change, and our customers use the insights from that change to make better decisions, for example: Agricultural companies like Corteva use our data to improve crop yields and implement sustainable agriculture, customers like BASF and Farmers Edge use our data to help farmers understand crop health and make better decisions about their fields.

People are finding powerful ways to use our platform for good, creating commercial value and increasing understanding of our planet!


GEOPERFORMA LTD is a recently formed Oxfordshire based SME focusing on providing innovative geospatial solutions to different sectors by leveraging agile techniques to adapt and develop services and products for their customers.


Agtelligence has been developing Farmscore, a unique metric system that uses satellite imagery that promotes, encourages and supports all UK farmers on their journey to sustainability. They transform complex remote sensing data into a simple scoring tool that lets farmers track their progress towards a sustainable farming system. They can measure climate critical indicators from space. These indicators aligned with government and farmer ambitions include soil health, biodiversity, nutrient use, and carbon sequestration.

Farmscore gives farmers the tool they need to realise and accelerate progress toward netzero farming.Farmscore is a truly collaborative platform Farmers can then add management practices such as crop rotations and field inputs. Then their AI system generates a score that shows the farmer where they excel and where the most improvement can be made. The success stories are shared across their platform with all farmers to accelerate the transition to regenerative farming in the UK.