B-Hive Innovations are a high-growth, innovative R&D company in the AgriTech sector. They specialize in robotics, visual and spectral image acquisition, remote sensing and underpinning machine learning / artificial intelligence to give valuable insights into data for farmers. They also have experience and expertise in valorisation of waste streams from the fresh produce industry.

B-Hive has a focus on innovation that results directly in the generation of new products or services and sets them aside from academic institutions. Their cross-disciplinary team includes plant biologists, robotic engineers, image acquisition and processing experts as well as computer scientists who provide software solutions and artificial intelligence to integrate data with phenotype. Notable success stories include Harvest Eye and Root Extracts, spin out companies created to commercialise their research. Harvest Eye is an innovative camera system that sizes and shapes every single tuber during potato harvesting, giving the farmer significant insights into yield and quality. Harvest Eye can also be applied to other crops. Root Extracts represents technology to extract protein, at scale, and other molecules from fresh produce waste.