DRONEQUBE is an innovative agri-tech startup that specializes in autonomous drone technology for precision agriculture, with a focus on viticulture. Leveraging advanced data analytics, AI-driven anomaly detection, and precision spraying techniques, DRONEQUBE aims to address critical challenges faced by the wine-growing industry. These challenges include the impacts of global warming on vineyard yields, the rising costs associated with an aging agricultural workforce, and the increasing residues on food from traditional farming practices.

The company’s technology suite includes a state-of-the-art AgriData Archive for climate-adaptive viticulture, which records and integrates vegetation indices, thermal data, and weather sensor information to provide comprehensive vineyard insights. DRONEQUBE’s 3D Virtual Vineyard platform utilizes drone data to create detailed vineyard maps for virtual inspections, enabling early problem detection and targeted interventions.

Their flagship offering, the Smart Spray & Autonomous Refill System, embodies precision agriculture by autonomously applying and tracking agrochemicals with minimal waste, thus optimizing resource usage and improving crop yields. DRONEQUBE’s technology promises a significant reduction in agrochemical and water consumption, with a consequent increase in yield, aligning with sustainability goals and the need for high-efficiency agricultural practices.