Ekogea manufactures and supplies Ekogea technology including the BioComplex product range, offering a wide variety of sustainable, natural and organic solutions for the ‘Circular Farm Economy’.

Thei product range includes solutions for:

– Improving Health and Profitability of Livestock to help farmers meet environmental compliance standards by reducing unwanted odours such as ammonia and create a healthier farm environment.

– Sustainable and Profitable Slurry Management. Our innovative process removes up to 85% of the liquid from pig and ruminant slurry so less storage is required, farm emissions are reduced, transport is cheaper and nutrients are more ‘plant available’. It creates a more valuable biofertiliser and feedstock for AD Plants.

– Anaerobic Digestion (AD) / Biogas Yield Enhancement. Our award-winning technology works on both new and existing AD/Biogas Plants to maximise gas outputs and improve commercial viability. Waste digestate is reduced by up to 80% by volume and a natural Waste Water Treatment process treats waste water to EA standards;

– Natural Fertiliser for Crops and Soil Regeneration provides improved root networks and more plant available nutrients in the soils.