Maxon UK and Ireland are part of a global organisation designing and manufacturing DC motors, gearheads, sensors, batteries, and controllers. To compliment the business maxon has ceramic injection moulding and metal injection moulding departments.

DC motors are a vital component for many agriculture applications, offering the most efficient form of motion, particularly when solar and battery power is utilised. Maxon drives are relied on even under the most challenging conditions – for example, they have been in use on Mars for years. maxon DC motors not only do their job in space, but they also function in tough agricultural conditions flawlessly and efficiently.

Maxon also has a dedicated Aerospace Business Unit that has developed a platform for fulfilling the needs of the emerging Agri-drone market. The platform includes dedicated drone motors (EC flat, sensorless,), batteries (lightweight) and controllers.

Whether you are designing the latest Agri-bot, motorised hand tool or precision seeder, if you have something you need to drive, we are here to help. No matter how specific your requirements are, maxon specialists are on standby, ready to offer support when additional information is required.