NEOGEN solutions can be found at each stage of the food chain with the most comprehensive range of products and services for the food processing, animal protein and agriculture industries. Through its cutting-edge solutions, NEOGEN aims to protect the world’s food supply and enable customers to produce more efficiently and effectively than ever before.  

Solutions for the animal markets include veterinary instruments and supplies to protect animal health, cleaners, and disinfectants with industry leading dilution rates for optimal hygiene standards, and insecticides and rodenticides to limit the transmission of disease.  

Through NEOGEN genomic solutions, animal protein producers are able to make educated breeding decisions that improve the efficiencies of their herds, breed associations to verify parentage, and for food safety professionals to identify bacterial strains associated with disease outbreaks.  

NEOGEN reaches all segments of the food, beverage and feed industries with solutions that include rapid diagnostics for the detection of unintended substances, hygiene verification tools and innovative pathogen tests.  

NEOGEN supports its customers every step of the way.  

In the UK, NEOGEN offers a proprietary range of biosecurity products including cleaners, broad-spectrum disinfectants, and animal care supplies.