Oxi-Tech Solutions Limited is an emerging UK technology company that is commercialising its unique and disruptive technology applications for water disinfection. We are currently developing environmentally responsible disinfection systems to address unacceptable problems facing the Food, Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Horticultural sectors, including health and animal hygiene.

We have developed a revolutionary system that removes the use of many aggressive chemicals and the 250L plastic barrels that are commonly associated with bulk chemical solutions hat are harmful to both the environment and to workers. Our technology creates the most powerful industrial oxidant in use today, Dissolved Ozone, in a very effective, controllable, and efficient way.

We believe our technology is the cleanest and the most environmentally responsible solution for the management of clean water within important production processes. Current activities have seen a 100% reduction in chlorine-based disinfectant use in the dairy parlor, whilst delivering low Bactoscan readings and reduced levels of mastitis.

Our solutions are tailored for each site application, retro-fittable to try to avoid disruption to processes, remotely controllable, and together provide generation of endless amounts of low cost, environmentally sensitive disinfection, made in situ, and on-demand, using only water and low voltage electricity.

Each installation can be remotely monitored for the users’ comfort ensuring far fewer breakdowns and disruption to production.