Pat Willis Limited are interested in collaborating on Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Farming Sensor Technology. This is to enables greater transparency (visibility of the supply chain, food origin, environmental impact, etc); enhanced consumer trust in the perceived/actual food quality and authenticity; consumer convenience and choice; and potential for enhanced nutrition. Many novel foods are cultivated artificially in manmade environments and processes. For example, indoor farming, 3D printing, synthetic biology, novel non-thermal treatments, and sophisticated packaging solutions are among, not easily regulated.

IoT smart farm products are increasingly created in highly sterile environments largely free of the everyday contaminants that humans have evolved to deal with. Human immune systems are strongly shaped by exposure to food that is not sterile, and as part of human evolution we have become able to survive in non-sterile environments. Modern heavily processed foods and processes remove this opportunity by making everything unnaturally clean, and this presents a real and serious issue for human.