#3: Can insects be a sustainable source of protein?

Founder and CEO of cutting-edge biotechnology Beta Bugs, Thomas Farrugia, joins us this week to talk about Beta Bugs’ work producing enhanced insect strains for the growing insect-farming industry and the emerging role of insects as a source of sustainable protein.  Thomas explains how these strains have the potential to make the agrifood industry more profitable […]

Agri-EPI Centre marks Farm Safety Week 2021

Farm Safety Week

To mark this year’s Farm Safety Week, Agri-EPI Centre is highlighting a range of our network members whose innovations in agri-tech improve the safety of farm work and staff.

#2: What is Lone Worker Safety technology?

The winners of 2021’s Farming and Agricultural Safety Product of the Year, NextGenAgri, discuss their Lone Worker Safety technology as part of Farm Safety Week.  Peter Norton, NextGenAgri’s co-founder and director, joins Operational Manager Les Hurdiss to explore new technologies that are addressing critical operational issues in agriculture, from farm security and asset tracking to […]

#1: Discussing the use of ozone technology in agriculture

Oxi-Tech Solutions Limited uses advanced ozone technology to disinfect water, eliminating the need for aggressive chemicals and large plastic barrels which are harmful both to the environment and workers.  Having created the most powerful industrial oxidant in use, Dissolved Ozone, we sat down with Oxi-Tech’s Director and R&D Director, Luke Rutterford and Dr Peter Barratt, to […]