Edinburgh based start-up leads the way in grain monitoring

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFK1aglJjnI&pp=ygUOYWdyaWVwaSBjcm92ZXI%3DA cutting-edge grain analysis project has won £366,000 in innovation funding under the Defra Farming Innovation Programme from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Crover is an Edinburgh-based company creating robotic grain storage solutions for improved and automated monitoring and management of grains. Cereal grains are the basis of staple food, yet post-harvest losses during long-term […]

#22: Exploring the use of robots for autonomous soil and crop sensing

Kristof Hayes, an early team member at E-Nano, spoke with Thomas Slattery about working as an engineer on the robotics platform and integrations.  E-Nano is a robotics, automation and integration business currently providing services in the sports turf industry. They have longer-term plans to explore broader agricultural use cases for their autonomous soil and crop sensing technology. Listen here

Small family business becomes market leader in hoof health

An innovative project leading the way in hoof health has won nearly £250,000 in innovation funding. Hoofcount is a 10-year-old family business, focusing on how to keep cows’ hoofs clean and healthy. Their project is aimed at using vision to develop an early detection lameness monitoring system. It has won funding from UK Research and […]

#20: Empowering farmers and vets with precision semen quality measurement tech

We spoke with Dr Tiffany Wood the Chief Executive Officer of Dyneval Ltd, a company with an award-winning patented technology for precise measurement of semen quality based at the Roslin Innovation Centre. Dyneval was founded in April 2020 by Tiffany and Dr Vincent Martinez, both complex fluid physicists from the University of Edinburgh who have researched the motion of […]