#20: Empowering farmers and vets with precision semen quality measurement tech


We spoke with Dr Tiffany Wood the Chief Executive Officer of Dyneval Ltd, a company with an award-winning patented technology for precise measurement of semen quality based at the Roslin Innovation Centre. Dyneval was founded in April 2020 by Tiffany and Dr Vincent Martinez, both complex fluid physicists from the University of Edinburgh who have researched the motion of tiny particles at the micron scale for over two decades. The novel technology measures the mean speed and percentage of progressively motile spermatozoa data from the fluctuations of light passing through a sample of semen.

Dyneval’s award-winning Dynescan is a portable instrument for precise measurement of semen quality for bovine, equine, ovine and porcine. 

Powered by Dyneval’s proprietary software, the Dynescan delivers reliable measurements of the percentage progressive motility (% motility) and spermatozoa’s mean speed (micron/second). Designed for dual-mode operation, the Dynescan allows for visual inspection in addition to automated, objective measurement.

Their automated, precise and user-independent measurement technology can analyse fresh, frozen, or sexed semen within minutes and without the need for any additional equipment. Dynescan requires minimum training, is robust and portable, and can be used in a clinic or lab or by the pen side.


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