New data and robotics project essential for viticulture data and robotics projects could bring much needed time, cost and labour savings to UK vineyard producers. Precision agriculture specialists, Agri-EPI Centre, AI-driven autonomous robotics company Antobot and vineyard owner, Ian Beecher-Jones, have embarked on two projects at JoJo’s vineyard near Henley-on-Thames to create a vineyard digital map, and on-the-ground and aerial monitoring. The […]

#24: Supporting the transition to regenerative agriculture with AI-enhanced managed grazing technology

In this week’s episode, Agri-EPI’s Thomas Slattery spoke with Johannes Scheibe, the co-founder and CEO of ruumi. ruumi’s app helps farmers plan fertiliser-free grazing rotations that result in more grass, improved soil quality, and healthier animals – without worrying about potentially expensive mistakes. It also helps create records made up of remote sensing and on-the-ground datasets. This unique capability allows […]

Farm walk brings together agri-tech community at Upper Nisbet Farm

          This month Agri-EPI hosted another successful on-farm day in Scotland at one of their innovation farms, Upper Nisbet Farm, in collaboration with farmers Robert, Jac and Andrew Neill. Agri-EPI members and representatives from across the agri-tech sector met up for a farm tour and day of networking, discussions, and precision […]

Autonomous and robotics solutions for agriculture and horticulture

By: Duncan Ross Farming has been embracing evolving autonomous technology for many years. Milking robots are now commonplace and accounted for 30% of all new installations in the UK in 2015 (Heyden, 2015). By that time, robotic milkers had been adopted by 5% of UK farms (ibid.). Satellite navigation and variable rate application of fertiliser […]

Drones help farm plan for sustainable future

A forward-thinking farmer has teamed up with agri-tech experts to help develop drone technology to head off the effects of future labour shortages. Paul Hayward of Cold Harbour Farm, one of Agri-EPI Centre’s innovation farmers, is aiming to improve the efficiency of harvesting through the use of technology. He said: “Our business uses skilled local […]

Hyperspectral UAV

Agri-EPI Centre has invested in the Hyperspectral UAV. Compared to multispectral imagery, hyperspectral imagery measures energy in narrower and more numerous bands, thus giving much more information on target. Hyperspectral image data is 3D cube, where each pixel holds a full spectrum across the range. Since spectra are as unique as ‘fingerprints’ to target, hyperspectral […]