#24: Supporting the transition to regenerative agriculture with AI-enhanced managed grazing technology


In this week’s episode, Agri-EPI’s Thomas Slattery spoke with Johannes Scheibe, the co-founder and CEO of ruumi. ruumi’s app helps farmers plan fertiliser-free grazing rotations that result in more grass, improved soil quality, and healthier animals – without worrying about potentially expensive mistakes.

It also helps create records made up of remote sensing and on-the-ground datasets. This unique capability allows ruumi to generate carbon credit certificates of truly exceptional transparency, quality and value – to farmers, companies who want to offset, and the environment generally.

Johannes co-founded ruumi together with Daniel and Paddy, built the first version of the ruumi grazing app, and is now CEO.  He grew up among trees and sheep in a tiny village in the middle of the “Woodlands” in Thuringia (Germany). That may explain his height and love for sausages! He enjoys wearing socks with cute duckies on them and improving his dad jokes.

He has a background in machine learning, working as a Data Scientist at Maersk and eBay, then as Head of data at Drivr and Karhoo, and finally as an Engineering Manager at Daimler Autonomous. He also co-founded a startup that uses AI for remote physical therapy, which taught him how to fail gracefully.


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