Spectral imaging for the agriculture industry

Spectral imaging as a general concept combines characteristics of imaging and spectroscopy technologies. Optical spectral imaging particularly makes use of visible, near infrared and short-wave infrared spectral range, has been demonstrated to be a very powerful tool in identifying, classifying, and mapping specific targets across whole scenery image in various application scenarios. Spectral Imaging is […]

Virtual fencing for livestock: Nofence

Nofence began in a small Norwegian town named Batnfjordsøra, many years ago when their Founder and CTO, Oscar Hovde, set about making his idea of virtual fencing for livestock a reality. As the concept grew, so did the interest. The man with a plan soon became people with a purpose: getting animals out on pasture […]

Ground-breaking technology to monitor biodiversity on-farm 24/7

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpWF0g8FG9E&pp=ygUVYmlvZGl2ZXJzaXR5IGFncmkgZXBp40% of insect species risk extinction, and a further 30% are endangered (New Scientist 2019), yet few farmers have the tools to actively monitor or quantify on-farm biodiversity, despite it being an important measure of ecosystem, landscape, overall biological health of the farm and key public good. A joint collaborative project funded through Innovate UK […]

Women in Engineering Day 2023

This Women in Engineering day we are celebrating the work and achievements of women engineers around the world. At Agri-EPI, we celebrate our CTO Trisha Toop and Agri-Tech Sustainability Analyst, Emily Laskin, who come from engineering backgrounds and who are leading Agri-EPI’s sustainability efforts. Trisha has an interdisciplinary background in engineering, genetics, and biochemistry and […]

Sustainable marine-based poultry feed alternative receives IUK funding

A consortium led by sustainable aquaculture innovators Aquanzo Ltd has received funding to investigate the feasibility of farming artemia, a small marine shrimp similar to krill, as an alternative circular produced marine protein for young chickens, known as broilers. Funded by Innovate UK in collaboration with Agri-EPI Centre and SRUC, the 24-month project will explore […]