Hoofcount is a 10-year-old family business, focusing on how to keep cows’ hoofs clean and healthy. Their project is aimed at using vision to develop an early detection lameness monitoring system. It has won funding from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), part of Defra’s Farming Innovation Programme, for feasibility studies combining innovation with research and […]


SEM will develop a sustainable, zero-waste, on-farm slurry management system (H2OPE) to transform dairy slurry into valuable by-products. SEM’s patented H2OPE system comprises high-efficiency thermal desorption, coupled with proprietary and off-the-shelf treatment stages. H2OPE dewaters and separates dairy slurry, sterilising and pasteurising the by-product fertiliser and growth substrate, while cleaning water for reuse. The technology […]

Antobot: ‘Project Insight’

Labour shortages, climate change, and increasing pressure on productivity in agriculture can only realistically be addressed by increasing automation and digital technology. Antobot is meeting this need with its novel crop scouting robot, Insight, initially targeting the high-value fruit sector, with the aim of digitalising at the earliest growth stages. The product is highly innovative […]

Earth Rover

This project will develop and test a selective prototype automated broccoli harvesting machine on a commercial broccoli farm to reduce the post-Brexit issue of harvest labour shortage, increase crop yields by harvesting more of the broccoli heads, and recover the 80% of the broccoli plant that is currently left on the field unharvested and that […]