SEM will develop a sustainable, zero-waste, on-farm slurry management system (H2OPE) to transform dairy slurry into valuable by-products.

SEM’s patented H2OPE system comprises high-efficiency thermal desorption, coupled with proprietary and off-the-shelf treatment stages. H2OPE dewaters and separates dairy slurry, sterilising and pasteurising the by-product fertiliser and growth substrate, while cleaning water for reuse.

The technology will be demonstrated at SWDDC, as well as 2 more farms (one in Wales linked with Wynnstay, and one in Scotland linked with the Milk Suppliers Association).

Using agri-tech solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of dairy heifers, the Healthy Heifer project provides dairy farmers with the insights and information into animal health they need to make better-informed decisions, boost productivity and efficiency on-farm.




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