Agri-tech hackathon seeks solutions to Covid’s impact on farming

Registration now open for an agri-tech Hackathon aimed at developing technological solutions to problems posed by Covid-19

Winners will receive a year of product launch support from experts at Agri-EPI Centre. 

The Hackathon will focus on the horticulture and livestock/veterinary sectors. Participating teams will be challenged to explore solutions in two areas: the shortage of labour supply for field operations in horticultureand the restrictions on how vets can travel to conduct farm diagnoses and prescription.  

They will have the 12-hour duration of the Hackathon, on 23 and 24 September 2020, to come up with proposed technical solutions within their chosen stream which, if deemed by the judges to have winning market potential, will become the focus of the year-long ‘product launch programme’ delivered by Agri-EPI. 

Agri-EPI’s Business Development Director Lisa Williams explained:

“We invite any businesses, organisations and academic institutions with an involvement or interest in agri-tech to take part in what promises to be a really exciting event, with the aim of delivering new products that address some of the serious impacts of Coronavirus on the farming industry. Collaboration is key to innovation and we look forward to working with the participating teams, and the winners, to develop new ideas. 

“The winning teams will have 12 months of access to Agri-EPI’s technical and project management expertise, our world-class research and innovation facilities, testbeds and research assets, and our extensive network, which includes a membership of more than 120 companies across agriculture, technology and the supply chain. 

The Hackathon is supported by the European Horizon 2020 project Smart AgriHubs. The Challenge partners for the veterinary Hackathon are Vet Partners, ZoetisKnowledge Transfer Network and Landmark Systems. For the horticulture Hackathon, the challenge partners are Bardsley, Grimme, NFU and Knowledge Transfer Network. 

To find out more and register, visit:

Hackathon launch webinar

If you’re a business or academic institution with an interest in agri-tech, join us today (18 August) at 2:00pm to hear more from Agri-EPI Centre’s CEO, Dave Ross, as he goes into more detail about the Hackathon and challenges faced by many in the horticulture and livestock/veterinary sectors. Register now at to secure your space!


Tesco Agri T-Jam 2020

Opportunities for agri-tech start-ups

Tesco T-Jam, in partnership with the World Agri-Tech, is calling for agri-tech start-ups to apply for the opportunity to work with Tesco, the UK’s leading food retailer, and its supply chain partners.

For a chance to win the competition, entrants must have an innovation or solution that will benefit and improve the UK’s supply chain efficiency and sustainability, and that address one one or more of the following priority areas:

  • predictive farming
  • crop specific solutions, shelf life and storage
  • improving soil health and resilience
  • water quality analysis and irrigation
  • robotics, automation and sensor technology
  • protecting and supporting biodiversity
  • livestock: animal health and Welfare
  • supply chain efficiency and waste reduction
  • indoor and vertical farming
  • operating remotely.

The competition will close on Wednesday 28th July. Following a selection process, the final ten selected finalists will be invited as guests to the 2020 Tesco Agri T-Jam Final, which will be held online on Monday 19th October, to present – via webinar – their innovations or solutions to a panel of Tesco colleagues and supply chain partners. The winner will be announced following another presentation in a showcase webinar promoted to the World Agri-Tech global network.

For more information and to apply, visit:

Last year’s impression video