#18: ‘Fitbit of plants’ discussing crop health diagnostics using electrophysiology


Marina Martin Curran PhD, Sustainability Manager at Vivent speaks with Thomas Slattery about their exciting crop health diagnostic technology PhytlSigns, which uses plant electrophysiology, and has been dubbed the ‘Fitbit of plants’. They also talk about the journey for the company’s recent B Corp certification.

Vivent’s technology leads to increased yields, improved crop protection effectiveness, and encourages the adoption of environmentally preferable protection solutions – so more food, less chemicals. With recertification every three years, Vivent has embarked on a process that aims at ever higher standards and continuous improvement.

Vivent was founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneurs Carrol Plummer and Dr. Nigel Wallbridge, who have now applied their information processing and telecommunication system skills to biological networking, with an initial focus on crop monitoring.

 The pair have worked with leading agricultural institutes, universities, crop protection companies and growers to validate this innovative approach. Vivent’s focus is on high-capital indoor growing operations with plans to move into high-value outdoor crops and then into large volume field crops. More information is available at www.vivent.ch 


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