Agri-EPI expands offering with Life Cycle Assessment service

Agri-EPI Centre has recently added a new service to our offering: Life Cycle Assessment. Life Cycle Assessment is an internationally standardised method of evaluating the environmental impacts of a product, process, or service. This is done by quantifying an array of impacts at each life stage of the subject and summing them up to create […]

World Water Day 2023

Happy World Water Day! Water sustainability is a critical factor in agri-tech, as agriculture accounts for approximately 70% of global freshwater use. As the world population grows and the demand for food increases, the pressure on freshwater resources also increases. Agri-tech can play a significant role in promoting water sustainability by adopting innovative technologies that […]

Live grain robot demo success on farm in the South West

On Tuesday 14th March Agri-EPI hosted a live demonstration of the Crover grain monitoring robotic solution at Manor Farms, Stratton-on-the-Fosse, kindly hosted by Jeremy Padfield and Rob Addicott who farm in partnership together. They are both tenants of the Duchy of Cornwall and have been a LEAF Demonstration Farm since 2006 and members of the […]

International Day of Mathematics

Happy International Day of Mathematics! Mathematics plays a significant role in agricultural technology in several ways: Modeling crop growth: Mathematical models are used to simulate the growth of crops. These models use mathematical equations to represent the different factors that affect crop growth, such as temperature, rainfall, soil nutrients, and pests. By using these models, […]

#31: Connecting Farm Data to the Agri-Food Industry

In this episode, Thomas Slattery speaks with Rich Vecqueray, CEO of Map of Ag, a data business that connects farm data to the agri-food industry. Rich explains how Map of Ag brings together farm data at scale so that the industry can connect with their supplying farms. Rich talks about his background as a vet and how he became […]