World Water Day 2023


Happy World Water Day! Water sustainability is a critical factor in agri-tech, as agriculture accounts for approximately 70% of global freshwater use. As the world population grows and the demand for food increases, the pressure on freshwater resources also increases. Agri-tech can play a significant role in promoting water sustainability by adopting innovative technologies that help conserve water, reduce wastage, and improve efficiency. Some of the technologies that can be used in agri-tech for water sustainability include drip irrigation, soil moisture sensors, rainwater harvesting, precision agriculture, and crop rotation and cover cropping.

Many of our Agri-EPI Centre members are adopting these or other innovative solutions to promote water sustainability and ensure that water resources are conserved for future generations. These include the following:

FESTO Festo is a clean automated water engineering company, offering components and system solutions for the pneumatic automation of water treatment systems. Their experience with industrial companies and in the municipal sector shows that concepts for drinking water and wastewater treatment are most effective when they are implemented consistently and in line with requirements.

Salinity Solutions Salinity Solutions has developed a disruptive technology to dramatically reduce the high carbon footprint of water treatment. ​Their industrial water treatment solution uses half the energy of conventional reverse osmosis systems. Their SAM50 system provides a wide range of solutions for environmental clean-up, water recycling, mineral extraction and Ultrapure Water (UPW).​

Aquapulse – Aquapulse water technology enhances the efficacy of water. They have natural, non-chemical, organic solutions for livestock farming, grown produce, fish farming and energy efficiency. Their solutions deliver environmental, sustainability and commercial benefits to water dependent sectors.

ALVÁTECH ALVÁTECH provides revolutionary eco-friendly water technology that enables farmers to grow more, save water, and improve soil health. Their products allows farmers to use water with higher salinity for irrigation and livestock, grow more and faster and avoid environmentally damaging and costly alternatives.

Oxi-TechOxi-Tech’s technology has unique and disruptive applications for water disinfection. Their environmentally responsible disinfection systems address unacceptable problems facing the Food, Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Horticultural sectors, including health and animal hygiene. Their clean technology is an environmentally responsible solution for the management of clean water within important production processes.

SEM World – SEM is working towards the evolution of a sustainable, waste-free, and circular economy, utilising waste and water treatment solutions. From meter installations to rust removal, SEM’s solutions use the latest technology for outstanding results.

Together we can support a wide range of industries in the effort to solve the emerging global water crisis.


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