#31: Connecting Farm Data to the Agri-Food Industry


In this episode, Thomas Slattery speaks with Rich Vecqueray, CEO of Map of Ag, a data business that connects farm data to the agri-food industry. Rich explains how Map of Ag brings together farm data at scale so that the industry can connect with their supplying farms.

Rich talks about his background as a vet and how he became frustrated with the lack of influence he had on improving animal welfare on farms. He then explains how Map of Ag evolved into a platform that brings together farm data at scale, enabling the agri-food industry to connect with their supplying farms and drive meaningful change.

Rich goes on to discuss how Map of Ag’s platform, Pure Farming, collects and integrates data from various sources across many different farmers to provide insights and make better decisions at the agrifood business end. He also shares how the platform is being used to help achieve net-zero emissions and solve other problems in the supply chain.

This episode is a fascinating insight into how data can be used to bring about change and make a positive impact on animal welfare, the environment, and the agri-food industry as a whole.


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