#29: Transforming Animal Health with Actionable Data Intelligence


In this episode of Seedling Sessions, Thomas Slattery spoke with John Wisbey, cofounder and CEO, and Peter Curtis, cofounder and CIO of Chordata, an organization founded in 2019 that aims to transform animal health through usable and actionable data intelligence.

The company’s founders have a history in the pet sector and saw a lack of information for vets and pet owners to make decisions about animal health. Chordata then expanded to the agri-tech sector, where they saw a need for a technology solution that would be effective in improving the wellbeing of farm animals and be useful to farmers and companies in the supply chain. 

The company has spent the last three years researching unmet needs and developing software platforms to optimize technology for companion animals and livestock. 

They discussed the company’s technology solutions, development timeline, and the challenges they have faced in the industry. Additionally, they highlighted the company’s upcoming presence at the Dairy Tech 2023 exhibition where they will be showcasing their technology and available for further discussions.


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