#28: Robotics in the Field: The CLAWS Robot Project and its Impact on Sustainable Farming


In this episode of Seedling Sessions, Thomas Slattery spoke with James Brown of Polybell Farms and James Miller of Earth Rover to discuss their collaboration on the CLAWS robot project. The CLAWS robot is a concentrated light autonomous weeding robot being developed by Earth Rover and being tested and trialled in collaboration with Polybell Farms.

James Miller of Earth Rover began by describing the development process of the CLAWS robot, including the challenges faced and the technology used. James Brown of Polybell Farms then shared his thoughts on the potential for the CLAWS robot on his farm, and the benefits it could bring.

The guests then delved into the importance of lightweight autonomous robots in agriculture, particularly in high-value horticulture where labor costs are so high. 

They discussed how the CLAWS robot could help address the labor shortage faced by many farmers today and how it can be vital for the future of agriculture. The guests also highlighted how these technologies are also imperative for organic and regenerative farmers who can’t rely on chemical and mechanical solutions for weeding.


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