#30 Agri-Tech and changing skill requirements in agriculture


In this episode, Thomas Slattery takes a closer look at how technological advancements and the changing requirements in the agricultural farming sector are shaping the skill sets and capabilities needed for success. 

Our guest, Darren Houghton, Head of Agritech at Eden Search is an expert talent specialist for agri-tech and agriculture and works with businesses to find senior leaders and support their efforts in tackling the challenges of food security and sustainability across the agri-food value chain.

We explore the emerging trends in the industry, the changing skill sets required for success, and the challenges of finding and developing the right talent. 

From supporting startups to working with established businesses, we discuss the exciting opportunities and challenges that lie ahead as the industry continues to evolve and adapt. Join us for an engaging conversation on the future of agriculture and the role of technology in driving innovation and growth.


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