#33: Gas Analysis and Detection in Agriculture


In this episode of Seedling Sessions, Thomas Slattery sits down with David Booth, Group Technical Sales Manager at Analox, a company specializing in gas analysis and detection.

Booth shares his extensive experience in gas analysis and detection, and specifically how his expertise is being applied in the agri-food sector.

From monitoring ruminant gas emissions to working with farmers and researchers to reduce the impact of methane, carbon dioxide, and ammonia, Booth gives listeners a glimpse into the cutting-edge world of farm tech. 

Slattery and Booth discuss the company’s history, the use of infrared sensors in the field, and how the data on GHG emissions around livestock can help farmers manage their herds more effectively while reducing their environmental impact. Booth also shares his insights on the future of methane reduction in the farming industry and how similar patterns may emerge to those seen in carbon credit schemes.

Overall, this episode is a fascinating dive into the intersection of technology and agriculture, and how companies like Analox are helping to shape the future of the industry.


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