Agri-EPI CTO among expert speakers at UK food security forum


The potential of digital innovation to support food resilience and security will be the focus of a keynote speech by Agri-EPI’s Chief Technical officer, Dr Shamal Mohammed, when he speaks at the high-profile Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum on Monday November 30.

Shamal, who is one of the UK’s leading experts on agricultural technology and science, is part of a high profile panel featuring speakers from farming, business and policy and R&D, taking part on the event, titled Food security – UK priorities, supporting domestic production and driving innovation.

Shamal will be discussing the sustainable productivity and the challenge and opportunity for smart technologies to improve food security and environmental sustainability.

Shamal said:

“The shift from a linear model of food production systems to a more circular model can significantly reduce environmental impact and also contribute to a net zero carbon economy by sequestering more carbon in our soils, improving biodiversity and helping to sustain our natural capital.

“Smart technologies play an important role in enabling the transition towards a sustainable production system by increasing monitoring and decision-making power, transparency, and intelligence -driven processes. In my talk, I will be explaining in more detail how such technology can enable more resilience, diverse and integrated food production systems.”

Other keynote speakers at the event include John Ingram, Food Systems Transformation Programme Leader at the Environmental Change Institute and NFU President Minette Batters. David Linden MP, Co-Vice Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Food and Drink and Baroness Osamor, Member of the UK Parliament’s Food, Poverty, Health and Environment Committee, are chairing the event.

For full details of the event and to register, visit the Westminster Forum website.


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