Brazil to UK agri-tech delegation visit continues international collaboration


This month, Agri-EPI and the Agri-Tech Centres hosted three Brazilian SMEs for a collaborative market exchange visit to the United Kingdom with Embrapa and AgriTIERRA.

Joining us were three Brazilian SMEs, Perfect FlightNOOA, and GeoApis, who got to immerse themselves in the UK agriculture and agri-tech sectors. The visit included learning about Agri-EPI’s networks and R&D opportunities, key market challenge areas, business and research ecosystems, farm systems, export market potentials, and facilities in the UK that can be used to benchmark and validate new market-ready products and services.

Funded by the UK’s Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, this visit forms part of a larger effort to enable regional UK-LATAM agri-tech collaboration and to further develop international agri-tech ecosystems.

Rose Judeh-Elwell, Agri-EPI’s Director of Business Development, said:

“This project is very much about sharing knowledge that will provide agri-tech companies at the right stage in their journey the chance to understand what the opportunities are within these different markets, whether that is networks that can facilitate collaboration, access to physical space or understanding more about the challenges being faced on farm through in person interaction.” 




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