Collaboration key to success of UK Agri-Tech


Successful collaboration is key to the future of UK’s agricultural technology. This was a key message to emerge from the recent Game Changing Technologies in Agriculture event, organised by the Department for International Trade.

Billed as one of the ‘must attend’ events in the UK agri-tech calendar, more than 200 attendees from farming, the supply chain and the technology sector came together in London to discuss the innovative tech being developed and applied across the agri-food industry.

Agri-EPI’s exhibition space attracted enquiries from a host of organisations keen to know about current projects and discuss opportunities for joint working.

Lee Williams,  Manager of Agri-EPI Centre’s Midlands Agri-Tech Innovation Hub also gave a joint presentation with Precision Decisions’ Clive Blacker on the benefits of collaboration in agri-tech projects, using the award-winning Hands Free Hectare project as a case study. Led by Lee, Agri-EPI Centre provides project management services and facilities to follow-on projects that are supporting the Hands Free Hectare team to improve autonomous technology and its application to farming. Lee said:

“Some of the technologies and innovations being showcased at the event were truly stunning and I was amazed at the advancement in available technologies that has taken place over the past five years, such as the progress on Artificial Intelligence.

“Compared with other sectors, agriculture is very much holding its own in the development of new technology. There is a great deal of interest from the big players with the ability to bring in new technologies from other sectors, while there are a rapidly growing number of SMEs within the industry where innovation is thriving. Successful collaboration across these areas will pave the way to an ever more exciting future for UK agri-tech. Agri-EPI Centre will be right up there playing a prominent role in helping to forge beneficial new connections.”

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