FBC Manby Bowdler Solicitors

FBC Manby Bowdler LLP is a full service law firm providing a comprehensive range of legal services in the West Midlands, Shropshire and Worcestershire. FBC Manby Bowdler is recognised annually as having the leading specialist law team servicing the agricultural sector in the West Midlands, Shropshire and beyond – with most of our advisors actually heralding from farming families themselves.

The Dairy Group

The Dairy Group are independent dairy consultants providing technical and business advice to dairy farmers and associated sectors. They provide cost of production benchmarking, milk price modelling, milking parlour & building design, milk quality & mastitis management, dairy nutrition, nutrient management, business analysis, budgeting and forecasts.

Dairy Insight Limited

Dairy Insight is a veterinary-led consultancy business providing bespoke technical expertise to a range agri-businesses throughout the UK and further afield. Our workload is very varied, and ranges from delivering training and knowledge transfer through to supporting product development and facilitating research projects.


AgriTIERRA’s mission is to support organisations to deliver and exploit responsible, profitable digital-agricultural and supply chain solutions that put people and the planet first.

Wyoming Interactive

Wyoming Interactive is a digital consultancy providing research, design, software engineering and data analysis to Medical, Veterinary, Agritech and Life Science organisations across the UK, Europe and North America. We have a wealth of experience in Animal Health, Veterinary and Agritech support. Our work includes consumer, veterinarian and producer-based digital initiatives to introduce new products & services, rethink propositions and drive demand, improve regimen adherence, enhance search tools and product selectors as well as clinical trials data management support. Two areas we specialise in are:

Data science – transforming data sources into actionable information; wrangling complex data sets and gathering insight from these, normally in the form of visual decision-making tools such as dashboards.
User Interface and Experience Design – turning complex requirements into slick interfaces for users at every experience level to engage, query and transact across a range of devices.


Westpoint Vet Group

At Westpoint Farm Vets we aim to provide the highest level of specialist farm veterinary service to keepers of food producing animals. To have a dedicated team of farm vets working in partnership with farmers offering our clients a range of benefits that will have a direct and positive impact on the profitability and efficiency of their farm, and the health and welfare of their animals.


SAC Consulting

SAC Consulting has its roots in Scottish agriculture and the rural sector, with a long history of College activity from 1905 to present. We continue to have deep bonds with our Research and Education colleagues, and we remain independent of any trade products and services.

Our role is to support and advise land-based businesses in the rural economy. We seek to optimise agricultural outcomes and supply chains, in balance with the environment and appropriate to the prevailing national agricultural policy. Our model allows us to cover the length and breadth of Scotland and the north of England with staff local to our customers.

We offer end-to-end services. Our work ranges from business advice to soil nutrition, to livestock and agronomy, to branding and marketing of food products. In addition, our own dedicated UKAS-accredited analytical facilities provide a seamless service from field to lab. Our technical services cover all aspects of a rural enterprise; from agronomy, livestock and dairy services to disease surveillance, farm animal diagnostics, forestry and environmental consultancy.

Agrecalc is a carbon calculator designed to identify and measure emissions related to food production, monitor improvements and benchmark key performance indicators for all farm enterprises.

We will help you reach net zero emissions from food production, while increasing the level of both efficiency and farm productivity.
Agrecalc only employs the latest validated scientific methodologies for measuring impact and encourages practical mitigation measures for lowering farm carbon emissions.
Our Mission is to give everyone access to a tool to analyse their operation’s carbon footprint and pave the way to environmentally friendly and efficient food production systems.


Quantech Solutions

Quantech Solutions assists companies to commercialise agritech and digital technologies applied to animal value chains. It supports the collection of animal data from sensors and other devices to improve decision making by farmers, value chains and in animal breeding. Based in North Yorkshire, Quantech Solutions is led by Dr Sam Hoste, an agritech expert with over 15 years’ industry experience and member of the Department for International Trade’s AgriTech Specialist team.


Potter Clarkson

Potter Clarkson is a full-service intellectual property law firm with expertise in patents, trade marks, designs, litigation, licensing and consultancy. We create value from your innovation by bringing vision and clarity of thought to guide you through the complexities of intellectual property for business. As consultants and experts in IP law, we help you understand, create, protect and defend the commercial value of your innovations anywhere in the world.


Pat Willis

Pat Willis Limited are interested in collaborating on Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Farming Sensor Technology. This is to enables greater transparency (visibility of the supply chain, food origin, environmental impact, etc); enhanced consumer trust in the perceived/actual food quality and authenticity; consumer convenience and choice; and potential for enhanced nutrition. Many novel foods are cultivated artificially in manmade environments and processes. For example, indoor farming, 3D printing, synthetic biology, novel non-thermal treatments, and sophisticated packaging solutions are among, not easily regulated.

IoT smart farm products are increasingly created in highly sterile environments largely free of the everyday contaminants that humans have evolved to deal with. Human immune systems are strongly shaped by exposure to food that is not sterile, and as part of human evolution we have become able to survive in non-sterile environments. Modern heavily processed foods and processes remove this opportunity by making everything unnaturally clean, and this presents a real and serious issue for human.